Detoxing Diets

When I was living in London last year this seemed to be all the rage, EVERYONE seemed to talking about them awash in the guilt of a holiday season of excesses. That being said I have not in the past month drank my weight in mulled wine and gin and tonics or tested my mince pie eating abilities. I just feel GROSS, I 100% blame my job and the fact that it’s driving me crazy (yes crazy, I’m not kidding I’m going looney). My once cheery self is being drowned out by this incredibly angry redhaired fiend, heaven forbid anyone come into my office asking me about toner! “TONER! I’ll F***ing show you WHAT TO DO WITH THE TONER!!!” Unfortunately one of my colleagues have gotten into the habit of trying to speak to me about such things as “life threatening toner issues”  (also equally as important as the “life threatening stamp ordering issues”) before I have time to do my morning routine which involves reading the news and drinking a lovely earl grey. Bad idea.

 But back to the point, as I still am feeling icky and feel the need for something pretty drastic, as such this little redhead will be detoxing. Now for most this involves doing something with rosehips and generally not getting the nutrition needed. I on the other hand will do somewhat of the reverse, for the next week, Sat – Friday I will eat my veg, fruit and small portions or protein. I will not fry or use large amounts of butter or oils etc, seasoning will be herb and spices and there will be much soup involved. I’m going carb free, (that being said there is a party tonight so I will have two G+Ts but that is all).

 This food will not be flavourless mush, I  know that it is tempting to read that into this but I am very enthusiastic about what I can cook given the constraints of my diet.

I will post recipes and methods of cooking throughout the week ending with my blissful flight across the Rockies and into Zachary’s waiting arms. Once in Vancouver I have a feeling that my eating habits might change. We’ll see how that goes.

 Wish me luck!




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