Something for you to consider

Everyone likes a challenge!

 Why not try this one? David Suzuki is in the view of MANY scientists, a hack. While this may or may not be true I do believe in the necessity of what he does (I was forced into this as a young child and frankly I don’t think I’m all that worse off for it). Regardless, it is worth taking a look at, we all have our environmental vices, but, I think frankly it’s much more important to do SOMETHING rather than nothing. (this has been written in my plush corporate office at a multinational oil company = vice, taking the bus to and from work every day = good, walking as many places as possible = good, flying to vancouver = vice, recycling and reusing everything I see fit = good, publishing this note on my blog = good).

 At the very least I’m trying to break even


Visit the David Suzuki Foundation


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