Do I REALLY need to excuse myself? It was the summer, I’m on holidays and I really honestly and truely cannot blame work for a change, laziness is possibly the culprit, combined with my jet set life style (multiple trips to Vancouver makes me jet set, I swear). However the weather here in Cow-town has really started to turn. The crab apples on the trees behind my house have turned a fantastic shade of red and walking to the bus in the morning now requires a coat and scarf.

 Zac and I have been putzing around Vancouver a bit, we’ve had a bit of a difficult time being apart, but, we’re absolutely and over the top excited about him getting his new condo (which is lovely i might add). We have also eaten at some incredibly gorgeous restaurants which I have started the writing process on. I am incredibly jealous of Zac’s lifestyle but hopefully things will work out and I’ll be able to visit him more often than not.

So yes, you will get some blogging. I’m getting myself back into writing, slowly but surely.


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