Capo (Italian at it’s height in Calgary)

About a month ago a couple of the ladies at work took me out for Lunch for Administrative Professional’s day to this lovely restaurant .

The reviews and ratings I have read of Capo in Inglewood have raved about the flavours that Guiseppi Di Gennaro has been putting together after leaving Il Songo and starting his own restaurant. Not to mention the pasta, this is THE restaurant to go to in Calgary at the moment and I feel very lucky that the ladies chose it!

Walking into Capo was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had with my work. There were two waiters prepared to take our coats as they ushered us to our booth. The seats we had were fantastic in a large booth which allowed you to see the entire restaurant. The ambiance was that of a classy cool with large white globe lights coming from the ceiling with muted beiges and rich dark browns being the key colours of the décor.

We ordered, opting to skip the appetizer (we were running late) and go straight to the main course. The ladies I was with both chose the tasting plate which provided three individual dishes for them to try. I on the other hand chose the Cioppino as I was in a mood for lots of zeasty seafood.

When our plates arrived one of my coworkers looked slightly disappointed, the portions were small. For me this was perfect but I could tell that one, a mother to be had been hoping for a larger portion to fill her and her growing baby up. I have always found that when the portions are small the flavours tend to be fantastic and in this respect I was not disappointed. The Cioppino was exactly what I wanted spicy and zesty with lots of saffron. The fish was beautifully cooked and was accompanied by a nice small pot of mixed vegetables. The tasting plate was also fantastic from what I can tell, including a beautiful cherry tomato salad, veal scaloppini and a penne in what looked to be a tomato sauce. The ladies loved it and there were no complaints!

Since our meal was so small we opted for desert, two of us ordered a molten chocolate cake with banana toffee ice-cream and chocolate mousse. This was again, quite small but the flavours were divine. The cake was warm and the mousse was incredibly lovely and creamy.

This was a fantastic thank you and I loved the food that was prepared. I felt completely full after eating at this restaurant. Other people might not have their appetites saited but the food was fantastic and very thoughtfully prepared. I would highly recommend this restaurant but beware of the prices it is definitely in the upper scale range and while that is good for an oil company to pay for, I know personally it would have to be a very special occasion for me to book a table here. (I would LOVE to do the chef’s table though as it looks fantastic and could be a lot of fun!)
Capo Restaurant

#4, 1420 – 9th Ave SE

Calgary AB T2G 0T5


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