Whats the Fuzz? (a review of the film Hot Fuzz)

Well let me tell you! A new film from the lovely boys who did Shaun of the Dead worth a lookie loo? OF COURSE!

Last week we went to see this lovely parody and let me tell you, it was VERY much worth it. Absolutely completely and utterly hilarious. This film is a well thought out and witty parody of cop movies, like Bad Boyz and it lived up to my lofty Shawn of the Dead expectations.

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is reassigned from the rough streets of London to the small English country village of Sandford Gloustershire where he meets his partner in fighting crime PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). He quickly sets to work making sure the long arm of the law reaches even the grittiest villains in the village, from the under age kids in the pub to a swan on the loose, no job is too tough for the duo. But not everything is cakes and tea in this village and the two begin to follow a foul trail of grisly (and graphic) murders to the darkness that lies at the heart of the idyllic village.

Like Shawn of the Dead the wit in this film is razor sharp and the laughs don’t stop. Edgar Wright has once again created a film of comedic harmony with silly moments that make you laugh with glee to smart and witty comments that make you grin. This film is incredibly entertaining and definitely worth the 12 dollars to get in.

Unlike Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is lacking a strong story to bring it together, however the jokes are hilarious and watching Simon Pegg and Nick Frost chasing a swan is incredibly funny. Then again, when one parodies such an incredibly plot-less genre of films it may be necessary to create an equally inept storyline. If that was the intent, then Hot Fuzz delivers.

The acting is of course sublime, beyond the fantastic chemistry of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg the film rolls out some fantastic British actors. Bill Nighy is a favorite for me and I just love the fact that he is in this film, but cameos by Bill Bailey (fantastic British Comic – check out Part Troll – hokey cokey on You Tube), Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge, to name one of many), Timothy Dalton (Bond, From Russia with Love) and Martin Freeman (the British version of The Office, he’s a cutie pie) just increase the laughs.

So all in all, it’s very fantastic and I think you all should go see this it’s very funny and very light, simple and a great and you get to see Simon Pegg without a beard and it’s cute.


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