Fiasco Gellato – Taste Test #2

You must when going to Fiasco have some of the Illy coffee, it is super tasty and really worth the trip.  

 Now onto the ice-cream.

 Yesterday we met Nathan at Fiasco because we figured with the sunny weather we were due some ice-cream and people watching.

 We had some fun trying a few new flavours.

 Lauren – Peanut Butter – YUMMY this was very creamy and rich with little bits of peanut butter in the mix, it was very good but a little bit sweet. Still tasty I woudl recommend it.

 Zac – Grapefruit Sorbetto- Zac has a soft spot for grapefruit and so ordered this, I liked it alot but there was a VERY strange aftertaste, this could be down to two different things. 1, I had just had the peanut butter and obviously those don’t mix so well, or there was pith in the sorbetto, still it REALLY did taste like Grapefruit and Zac really enjoyed it.

Nathan – Raspberry – tasted like Raspberry! I was not at all surprised… Raspberry is one of those flavours that is always just tasty.

 So more yummy Fiasco Gellato! I’m going to try to get some of the pics from Nath as it was a gloriously sunny day and they need to be published. (plus he’s like a fancy photographer, so WHY NOT!?!?)


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