Dear * You are a loser

Really I’m not kidding, you lost out big time and in a big way.

I have never said anything mean or horrible to you in anyway since we last spoke on the phone, I have dealt with my pain as privately as possible and few people really understand exactly how much this situation has hurt me, I have lost someone who was very dear to me, and who I care about a great deal. I was worried about you, but I knew that the decision I had made was the best for both of us. Neither of us wanted to continue with things and it was obvious that you weren’t too enthralled with coming here to be with me.

I broke it off and my timing wasn’t great, for that I apologised, but your immature and youthful jabbing emails are unecessary and incredibly unfair. You have developed a culture of hate and despair around what was at one point a happy relationship. My idea of who you are have completely changed and you are no longer what you used to be in my eyes. I suppose though, that this transformation has made the finality and correctness of my decision that much more certain.

Fact of the matter is, I’m very much done with you and I’m very sorry for that as I thought you were someone who would be a constant and not become a horrible and threatening person.

For the first time in my life I’m with someone who satisfies me in possibly EVERY single way. They don’t make excuses for not trying and they have the guts and balls to go after what they want. These are attributes I respect in a man and for once in my life I feel as though I am with an equal and not someone who I have to contantly support emotionally. I’m with someone who recognizes that the next few years of my family life aren’t going to be easy, someone who may not understand but is willing to give me a break when I break down because of the problems we’re having, you couldn’t bother and would be angry with me when I called because I needed to talk.

 YOU have made me out to be this ridiculously evil figure and I cannot believe that you could act that way. You’re ridiculous and such a fool.

 As Always,


 PS – I know you’ll never read this, but my god it felt so good to write (sorry to everyone else, but I’m fed up with being painted in such a horrible light).


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