Tandoori Hut – Lunch Buffet

I was feeling rather ill and took the day off work. In doing so Zac and I lazed around for most of the morning before I, feeling mildly better, suggested that a curry would clear up my throat and get rid of my head ache.

Hmmm the Tandoori Hut, Zac and I went there on our first “official” date in December. It was a late birthday present from me as I spaced on the actual date and Zac was without gift and I felt that was a bit unfair.

 So we wandered over to Kensington on what was possibly the most summery day we’ve had all year.

The one thing that I REALLY remember about Tandoori Hut was that unlike other calgary indian restaurants it doesn’t hold back the spices, at least not in the way that the disappointing Rajdoot did. I do remember eating something at Tandoori Hut and thinking, wow this is almost too spicey for me.

 Anyways, I’ve found that Buffets are only as good as the number of people that frequent them. Therefore, due to the location, I wasn’t expecting to be that impressed. If there isn’t enough people at the place then the food won’t be as fresh and it just won’t be as good, it’s still not going to be horrible, but it won’t be like eating at one of the big down town places (ie Mango Shiva), for obvious reasons.

So we went in and were told to seat ourselves wherever we’d like. They took our drink order and then we scurried off to the buffet to try our luck.

 This buffet is a Calgary indian buffet. It has it’s general dishes that Calgarians LOVE and it was alright, though did fall prey to the lack of people, lack of turn over in dishes. There was a beef curry and a butter chicken. They had a lovely looking chickpea curry and na’an.

 All in all the food was great, but obviously not AS good as when you order. The tandoori chicken was very good, but everything was slightly cold and felt like it had been sitting out for a while. I did love the butter chicken and the beef though the spicey heat that I had remembered wasn’t there (I’m assuming this is because they were doing the buffet thing). It was a nice lunch but very much a case of you get what you pay for. $30 for the two of us isn’t at all bad, especially the way that Zac can pack away a curry.

 For lunch buffets I wouldn’t go out of my way to come here, but if you are in the area it is a nice lunch for a good price. I still would reccomend it for supper though as their food is fantastic and some of the best curry I’ve had in the city.

#5, 201 10 St NW
Calgary, AB

Hours : Lunch: 11:30a-2p Mon-Sat; Dinner: 5p-10p Mon-Thu; 5p-10:30p Fri-Sat; 5p-9:30p Sun


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