Happy, happy happy happy

So yes I know I’ve been slacking on writing. I’ve been busy hanging out with Zachary and enjoying just doing very little other than maybe deciding what to eat, and frankly even that I didn’t do that very often!

  •  There are a couple reviews in the works, I ate Momos for the first time last night and they were VERY tasty.
  •  The Saturday before last I made curries and tried to stuff people with as much as humanly possible. There is still a chicken curry and a veggie curry lurking in the freezer (we managed to finish the beef off this week).
  • I made the oh so lovely Banana bread for work this week (I am now an indispensable employee)
  • It is sunny and I am trying desperately through the power of thought to create a body double so that my real self will run back home and laze about in the sun with the Vogue I just bought.
  • I have a new boss (who likes banana bread) and I’m very happy to have him as the executive I will be assisting.
  • Last satuday I made a meaty meatball sauce and we tucked into our pasta and meatballs Easter Dinner. Followed by Zachary’s sexy flambe’d berry sauce and ice cream
  • Check out www.ureviewcalgary.com, I don’t ncessarily always agree with what is written but it’s great to have a second opinion!

So now we’re updated I’ll get those reviews done soon and then we can head out and check out some new restos and bars! I’m itching to see what the Flames bar is like, not because I have high expectations, I’m just curious because I love the venue and I have a feeling that with one of my friends convocating it would be an excellent excuse to head over there to celebrate.


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