The Coup – Reason to go Veggie?

Maybe not, but they still provide some seriously yummy veggie chow that doesn’t make me crave meat at great prices.

Zac is a meat-a-holic, I am open minded, but that being said, having tried the veggie route in highschool, I’m pretty concerned about the whole nutritional side of things… plus I can’t live without pepperoni pizza (and fish, and burgers, and roast chicken and sausage and pate … you get the idea).

I have wanted to go to The Coup for some time, Zac has looked at it uncomfortably and stated that after eating there we would probably need to make a trip to Tubby Dog,  up the street. For some reason having to go for supper, after going for supper, doesn’t really appeal to me but that being said last week the two of us decided that we wanted to go to the Coup.

Zac was pleasantly surprised and my expectations were surpassed.

The space is very modern and clean but quite busy. I suppose the best way to describe it is that modern funky look (think Vancouver) with greens and dark wood being the central colours (very pretty). It is a little cramped as it is such a narrow space but I thought they made good use of the space they had. Zac disagrees, but then again, my mother didn’t study interior design. 

Later on in the week they get a DJ in to spin some tunes which is VERY cool. I’m going to have to make a point of heading over there one of those times. They have street side patio as well which would be a great way to enjoy the 17th Ave atmosphere in the summer.

We were given a drinks menu and a I ordered one of the freshly squeezed juices, Zac got a dark Sleemans beer (I think). The juice was great it was a cranberry lemonade and it was tasty, there were fragments of REAL lemons in the drink and it was garnished with four floating honest-to-goodness cranberries, it was very good and refreshing I would have loved to sit on a patio and sip it’s tastiness way into the late hours of the evening.

To start we ordered a plate of their Sweet Potato Fries with a Tahini Miso Gravy. Oh so yummy. The fries were in fact baked wedges of Sweet potato sprinkled with some salt and rosemary, I didn’t mind that they weren’t crispy as I found that the smooth texture of the fry really did compliment the tahini miso gravy quite nicely. We devoured these.

Shortly afterwards came our main course, Zac ordered the Falafel Quesedilla with a side salad. It looked fantastic, fresh and green loaded with lots of thinly sliced vegetables. Very appetizing. It tasted great too although the whole wheat tortilla though VERY healthy was very chewy, I mean obviously this is because of the fact that it is WHOLE WHEAT, but still it would be nicer if you could get a bite with out having the cardboard feeling in your mouth.

I ordered the Beach-Front hot pot and it was equally colourful. An excellent hot pot, the vegetables were cooked but not soggy, they were delightfully crisp and incredibly tasty.The tofu was firm and flavourful, I really do like tofu and this tofu was great! The lemon grass coconut broth was nice and spicy, I wouldn’t have wanted it any hotter but I’m certain that someone with stronger tastebuds than I could have made a request. What really excited me about this dish was the lotus root, this is a fairly bland but crispy and nice addition to the mix of veggies. Frankly there is something about looking at lotus root that just makes me feel better about the food I’m eating. The portions were huge and Zac being the lucky boy that he is got to take home the left over veggies and rice noodles to have for his lunch.

All in all The Coup was a success AND Zac didn’t end up heading over to Tubby Dog! HORRAY! (instead we got gellato, see below)

So go to The Coup on 17th to soak up some good vibes and munch on some heavenly food!

The Coup

924b 17th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta Canada
Ph: 403.541.1041


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