Fido – A touching story of a boy and his Zombie

On Friday Zac, Nathan and I hustled our tushes over to the Globe Theatre to go see the premier Fido, the new Zombie movie featuring Carrie-Ann Moss, Billy Connelly and K’sun Ray (to name but a few) followed by a Q&A session with one of the producers.Billy Connely get's his Zombie on

I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the whole Zombie gross out/gore genre, that being said I LOVE Shaun of the Dead and the silly fun that movie produces. Fido effectively takes the story of Shaun of the Dead to the next level moving it from “the night of the Zombies” to somewhere in the future, after the Zombies have attacked and having a collared/docile Zombie is the latest gadget that everyone must have, like a dishwasher and a slave all in one.

 This film brings to mind the whole 1950s scrubbed clean look with a very simple pallett of colours and a very “Leave it to Beaver”/”Pleasantville”/Lassie feeling. The only difference with this story is that it includes everyone’s favorite character, Zombies :D.

 Thematically the film brings to light ideas of love and loss and echos (though I’m not sure intentionally) the current political tendancies south of the border of “Security through containment”. Suggesting that love can be quiet and without words is something that echos an episode of Lassie but without the fluffy dog.

 Even though there is a distinctly interesting and very developed thematic core to this film, which really does give it heart, the writers have developed a very funny and humorous story with moments where Fido (the Zombie played by Billy Connelly) brings the mother (Carrie-Ann Moss) to Timmy’s (K’sun Ray) rescue.  This is just a hint of the jokes that are incredibly prevalent in this fantastic film.

 Family at funeral

The acting does add to this film even more with all three of the principle characters playing their parts fantastically. A special note though must go to the performance by Billy Connelly as it was impressive to see the Glaswegian comic with out his iconic long hair, beard and huge accent. He relies soley on eye movements (much like Lassie) to indicate what Fido is feeling at any given time. The sublety of this performance is fantastic and really does make the film even better (look for Fido’s smile, it made me giggle, alot).

 The costuming and set are gorgeous, certain moments are quite obviously set in Kelowna (for anyone who has ever been there)  and the costuming with it’s limited technicolour pallet is gloriously 50’s.

 Frankly this is probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in ages this might not be in the Borat, ” I can’t believe he’s actually doing that” way but in a more subtle and soulful way.

 From what we heard from the producer this film has been a long time in the coming and had been shelved for a number of years, that being said it had recieved huge backing by a number of people in the industry and even though it was a struggle with such a stellar cast and a fantastic story it should go quite far.

So go see Fido, it is FUNNY, it is CUTE and it is CANADIAN!


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