Glory of India – GLORIOUS! SIMPLY GLORIOUS Dah-ling!

I am excited about this one, much in the way that I was excited about Mango Shiva but with a bit more oomph because I’ve found a curry place that lives up to my English memories (but not in the chicken tikka masala chips and rice way).

 Zac and I met up and ran into our friend Nathan yesterday. (Poor Nathan, I feel doubly sorry for him, firstly because he’s having all of his wisdom teeth out today, and secondly because Zac and I are going to the opening night of Fido tonight with the showing followed by a Q&A session with the director. Nathan is desperate to come along, even though we all know that there is no way being in a semi conscious state that he could survive the film.) So partially because of the guilt and partially because the best plans are often the ones that happen in the blink of an eye Zac and I grabbed Nathan and took him to Glory of India.

 Glorious it is.

 Usually Zac lets me order at Indian restaurants and he obediently eats what I order for him, yesterday we changed things up and he took the menu and scrutinized every page while Nathan and I discussed whether he would be able to make it out to the Unicorn on Saturday night for our St Patrick’s Day celebration.

 After much pondering, Zac ordered and I paid no attention, I’m pretty sure he was enjoying the male ordering food moment and I didn’t want to interject with a cheeky comment.

 For a starter we had the mixed vegetarian appetizer which came with samosas, veggie pakoras and paneer pakora. It was good, the samosas were nice and had a nice amount of heat to them which made me happy the pakoras were great and crispy. I’m not a HUGE fan of the fried cheese thing but I dont’ mind eating it when it’s placed in front of me, so I managed it (somehow 😉 ).

 Very quickly after the starter came our mains. Now I forgot something about my man and the food he likes. He likes meat and loves lamb so there I sat with probably about half a lamb sitting in front of me with a dish of rice and three garlic naans.

But oh was it ever fantastic. Zac had ordered the Seekh Kabob and some other melt in your mouth lamb dish that I will get him to tell me the name of tonight. The Seekh Kabob was very yummy and a little spicy, it probably could have done with a little more heat, but I’m not going to complain because it was nicely flavoured and tasted great. The other lamb dish was FANTASTIC the lamb did in-fact melt in your mouth and included were lovely mushrooms the flavours were robust and spicy and I loved it SO much.

 Nathan ordered the Lamb Chop Kandhari which was the house special. It was also VERY good and super tender. Nicely spiced and again it probably could have done with a little more heat, but this is Calgary so I’m happy that I’m eating indian food at all.  

Zac decided he wanted dessert, or rather he offered ME dessert which always means yes we will be having dessert.

Zac had a rice pudding, I’m not a fan of rice pudding in general  so it’s really not fair of me to review it.

 Nathan had pistachio icecream and I will assume that it was very good, he made yummy noises and discussed with us how fantastic it was (Pistachio is so good when it’s good).

 Now I had a very interesting dessert Gulab Jamun Fudge, effectively a Gulab Jamun sundae. Oh my god, it was great. So sweet and so good, it reminded me of brownie sundaes but with a very indian fusion flavour. It had three slices of the Gulab Jamun in a martini glass with mango coulis in the bottom, topped with vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, a maraschino cherry and chocolate sauce. It was a GLORIOUS way to finish off our meal at Glory of India.

 What really did MAKE this meal for me though was the group of 50-something British men that sauntered in when we were ordering, they knew the waiters and proceeded with horrible puns like “Mamoun, My MAN” etc. From my eavesdropping it seems that they come here at least once a month, that sold me on the Glory of India as being my English curry house away from England.

That being said there are still more to try and Zac isn’t tired of curry… YET!


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