Fiasco Gelato – Taste test #1

Fueled by some warm Chinook winds and the breaking out of the white Chuck Taylors, Zac and I went for icecream on Monday, and then went again on Tuesday… we want it to be summer, NOW!

Zac has decided I need to do a weekly review of the gelato/sorbetto flavours at Fiasco Gelato on 17th. I think this is simply for the reason that I don’t want to eat all of one and therefore he gets double the ice cream.

So also we ended up going to Fiasco last night after tucking into some seriously yummy veggie chow at The Coup (to be reviewed ASAP).


Zac’s admitted favorite flavour Pistachio. Yummy and creamy. Pistachio gelatto doesn’t cease to disappoint me and this one was SO yummy. I really love the pale green colour.

 Tuesday : (I’ve just realised that we went to this place two days in a row, YIKES!)

Me – Mango Sorbetto : I felt it would compliment my yummy noodley lemongrass and coconut hot pot from the coup nicely and it was VERY good. You have to love Mango! (also because of this mangomangomangomango: GO MAN GO!)

Zac – Chocolate (Bernie C’s): Chocolate sorbetto while good always makes me wish I was eating chocolate icecream, so this one didn’t necessarily work for me but it was still tasty so I’m not complaining.

 We also combined the two, not bad but not the flavour sensation we had hoped.

(pictures to follow)


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