Time flies…

When you’re having fun, working like a dog, exhausted and in need of some chill time?

 All of the above!

 I have been crazy busy over the past little while. Not that it’s a bad thing, just a thing that means I’m pretty tired today and am pondering getting some writing done tonight. (plus the time change has made my body think I woke up at 4 am, never a good thing)

 We’ve been to weddings, movies, restaurants and bars. I’ve been working and sleeping, trying to manage to find time to see people and to enjoy the AMAZING weather we’ve been having here. That being said I’m doing it all, but I desperately need some down time.

 I’ll have it tonight, but in the mean time I’ve got lots to get off my desk and less time to do it in.

 A review of our disappointing experience at Rajdoot will happen tonight, followed by my thoughts on the Frank Miller film ” The 300″ tomorrow. I’ll report back on the wedding I went to and the Blue Toque later on in the week, plus hopefully today or tomorrow I’ll finally get to cook something out of my Jamie Oliver’s Italy cook book (thanks to Zac, it’s been a lovely gift but I need to find a time to use it!!!!).


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