Rajdoot – but I’d really rather not…

To escape the winter cold, and to celebrate the COMPLETION of someone’s demo reel (horray) I decided to treat my man to a curry.

 Unfortunately it was less of a treat than I had hoped.

 We wandered our way down 4th street with the address in hand (this time) to check out this place that Marta and Marshall had recommended oh so many moons ago. It was five and therefore we felt we had lots of time for our film that we wanted to go see at 7:30.

 We got in the door and found a dark and mildly welcoming interior with a bunch of waiters hanging around while a few tables ordered drinks and began looking at the menu. We were placed in a booth and much to Zac’s/my surprise, I ordered a beer, a small beer but I find I can manage about one Tiger beer before I find myself not liking it. (I avoid beer, the English ruined it for me generally but occasionally it is needed).

 Our beers arrived and we perused the menu, it wasn’t different from the curry places I had been to in England and so we decided to get the “mixed meat” starter followed by the lamb rogan josh some saag aloo and two different Naan breads (Zac wanted one, I wanted another so we decided to compromise). This is where the evening began to get weird, upon ordering the two Naans the waiter asked us if we were sure, I said yes and he impatiently said alright and took our order to the kitchen.

 We sat and chatted about the menu and I slowly drank my beer, the starter came and was alright, very  nice meat samosas, good tandoori chicken, what seemed to be a merguez sausage and that yummy chickpea and potato salad with crisp roti crumbled up (reminded me of potato salad with other things).  The starter was good, well, passable, but I was hungry and ready for a good munch so it definitely filled the post work hole.

At this point I had drained my beer and the waiter asked me for a refill, I declined and he seemed to get a little bit annoyed with me, very strange but I ignored it.

 Then we waited…

 and waited…

and waited.

 I had barely noticed what time it was until our mains arrived… 6:45… so unless we managed to devour the food in 15 minutes, there was no way that we were going to get to that movie on time.

 So we tucked into the rogan josh and the saag aloo, which were, disappointing, the curry had no heat to it, at all and furthermore it was actually cold. There is only so much heat a little tea light can produce and it cannot reheat a dish that has been sitting out for an extended period of time. Zac and I ate and had our two Naans (which were alright) and then waited for the bill. Paid and left.

 All in all I was disappointed as we didn’t get to a movie that night and the food wasn’t great. We then went back to Zac’s house, so that we could watch some form of film and chatted with his mom, she wasn’t at all surprised at our experience and apparently this place had been on the verge of being closed many times.

 Frankly, my thoughts are that if you’re going to get a curry, go somewhere else, this place isn’t that great and the service was annoying.


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