Towa Sushi vs Globefish (visions of sumo wrestlers dance in my head)

So we went to both of these restaurants over the past week and we had two very different experiences, excellent to compare as they both offer a similar style of sushi, very modern, very big and very Calgarian.



            Warning! I’m writing in reference to my first Valentines Day with Zac, obviously I am going to have a lovey dovey approach to this part of the post, this possibly will also create a bit of a rose colour on the evening (because it really was lovely). Globefish

Up 14thStreet just past Chicken on the Way we tucked ourselves into some Globefish.

Globefish has completely upped the anti in regards to my idea of what sushi is and what it can be.

Arriving from the blustery cold weather we fought our way into the restaurant and were seated by a young and slightly frazzled looking waiter. From what I can tell Valentines Day was a big day for them and I’m not necessarily sure whether on the service side they were completely up to the task. When we made reservations we were told we got the last two seats which were at the bar, needless to say they were probably a little stretched.

The decor was sparse and nothing particularly special, lots of mirrors and very clean lines. It was a lovely place, but slightly cramped considering the number of people that were in the restaurant. I can’t remember what this space has been used for in the past, though I’m certain at one point it must have been an oldy timey diner, this doesn’t take away from the restaurant itself but is a good way to describe the spatial issues that exist.

The food was a treat; it was very good and very inventive but not at all hard on the wallet.

We started with a few appetizers, Endamame beans (because they are yummy), these crab puff rolls and some tempura, all of this was very good and quite lovely. The tempura was light and fresh while the crab rolls were gooey and soft; all the three appetizers were lovely.

We ordered two types of mains and found them to be MORE than filling. Firstly we ordered the Vancouver Roll and the Crab Paradise. The Vancouver roll was lovely and a very creamy and smooth roll. The inventive addition of mango tasted sublime along side the avocado and salmon. The Crab Paradise was even better. The roll consisted of Salmon, mango & avocado wrapped with deep fried soft shell crab on top. The spicy roe with wasabi was also fantastic and made the crunchy roll even better. The only complaint, if there could even be one, would be that these rolls were so big we had a hard time fitting them all in our mouths.  

All in all Globefish was a FANTASTIC experience for the taste buds and provided exactly what we needed, yummy sushi at a great price.

Towa Sushi

This experience was less than fantastic and I was very annoyed, this is possibly because I wasn’t exactly in the lovey dovey mood that I was in on the 14th but it might also have something to do with the fact that I wasn’t exactly impressed with the sushi quality and taste.


Firstly we ordered the chirashi which is effectively a bunch of sashimi and other sushi fixins (yes that is both the technical and traditional term for it) on a bed of rice, this idea was very nice and I did very much enjoy it, until I bit into the partially frozen tuna that made me feel like I was about to throw up. Furthermore, even though we mentioned to our waitress that the tuna was in fact FROZEN she smiled at us, because surprise surprise, the service here though very friendly was missing something in translation, ie they didn’t REALLY speak English (it’s fine when the food is good and I have nothing to say to the waitress, but oh my, when I have a complaint you had better be good and ready to hear it and tell the kitchen they’ve screwed up).  So fact of the matter, there was no apology.

We also ordered two types of rolls the avalanche roll and the rainbow roll. The rainbow roll was ok, the avalanche roll wasn’t very good. I like the use of colour on the rainbow roll and I do LOVE the fresh raw fish, that being said, I was slightly concerned because of the tuna experience. The description of the avalanche roll did not mention the fact that this roll was SMOTHERED in a cream cheesy/sour cream sauce, it wasn’t very good, it looked very interesting but this was just a bit too much for me. I can do fusion and I really do like it but sour cream is meant for nachos, perogies, chili and baked potatoes. IT IS NOT MEANT TO GO ON SUSHI. Just a little bit gross.

I got the feeling that Towa is trying to appeal to the Calgarian market a little too much and is sacrificing the flavour and idea of what sushi is and can be. I’m certain that there are many a Calgarian that will swear up and down that this is the best sushi they’ve ever had, but for me, growing up in Vancouver I was able to have fantastic sushi and this place with it’s partially frozen tuna does not cut it.

(NB- I am not writing Towa off entirely, in fact I will probably go back in the next couple months because I loved the way it looked, seriously great interior design, and am wondering if we just came on a bad night, as it was highly recommended.)

So go to Globefish and enjoy their yummy and adventurous rolls, go to Towa for the interior design and tell me what you think of the food, I’m willing to give it another shot… even though frozen tuna in sashimi is an unforgivable sin.


4 thoughts on “Towa Sushi vs Globefish (visions of sumo wrestlers dance in my head)

Add yours

  1. I think the last time I had sushi was about 4 months ago. It really is time to change that isn’t it?

    It’s really annoying when restaurants don’t live up to expectations. I’d have been livid if I got frozen tuna sashimi too.

  2. Go do it Ros! Sushi is one of my favorite all time meals, so yummy. So yes apparently someone else we know has had the frozen fish experience at Towa Sushi, we won’t be going back.

    Just wait till I tell you all about the Curry place we went to on Friday. UGH-ly

  3. I have to disagree. When I went to Globfish, the sushi rice was like mush. I have never tasted such well-presented but utterly gross sushi in my life.

    Towa on the other hand, is actually my favourite Sushi place in Calgary. Perhaps you went on a bad night. Although service is slow, the price is right and the sushi is very fresh. I would bet my car that Towa is great.

  4. You’re perfectly allowed to disagree if that was your experience, I found that the frozen fish put me off more so than the sour cream whatever thingy. It’s too bad because I wanted to like it, but I find it worrisomme when there is frozen fish in sushi as I’m sure you can understand.

    I had NO complaints about the sushi at Globefish it was quite fresh and there was no mushiness, perhaps we both went on bad nights. Whatever the case, in my experience I’d pick Globefish above Towa.

    Frankly Globefish was busy and Towa wasn’t, for me that was another indicator that things were good. A good review can only get you so far.

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