The Last King of Scotland, or OH MY GOD FOREST WHITAKER IS AMAZING!!!!!

Last King of Scotland - Film Poster

Zac and I decided that we needed to go see this movie AGES ago, and finally we got around to it last weekend.

 I’m sure you’ve all read the rave reviews and heard all the Oscar buzz (it’s very much deserved) but I’m going to add my little spin on it because frankly, Forest Whitaker performed the role of Idi Amin very convincingly and frankly I thought this was a great story. 

It  reminds me of a coming of age story, in which a young man travels to go seek his fortune and leaves his native land behind him. To a certain extent this it true and one could easily compare this to one of those stories, however things tend to go wrong for our protagonist. This film quickly develops into so much more, documenting and providing my generation, with an idea of one of the more famous and unstable political figures from the past. From what I have read, Whitaker has portrayed a very real version of Amin.

The reality of the character forces its way into the story developing a dichotomy of two very distinct realities. The film/theatrical reality of the young scottish doctor and the ultimate reality of the character of Idi Amin. I received the impression that reality was not the life of the young Scottish doctor, but the actions of Amin and the problems in Uganda during his reign.

Does Whitaker deserve an Oscar for this performance? In my opinion, of course he does, that being said it will be interesting to see what happens on Oscar night!

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