Detoxing Diets

When I was living in London last year this seemed to be all the rage, EVERYONE seemed to talking about them awash in the guilt of a holiday season of excesses. That being said I have not in the past month drank my weight in mulled wine and gin and tonics or tested my mince pie eating abilities. I just feel GROSS, I 100% blame my job and the fact that it’s driving me crazy (yes crazy, I’m not kidding I’m going looney). My once cheery self is being drowned out by this incredibly angry redhaired fiend, heaven forbid anyone come into my office asking me about toner! “TONER! I’ll F***ing show you WHAT TO DO WITH THE TONER!!!” Unfortunately one of my colleagues have gotten into the habit of trying to speak to me about such things as “life threatening toner issues”  (also equally as important as the “life threatening stamp ordering issues”) before I have time to do my morning routine which involves reading the news and drinking a lovely earl grey. Bad idea.

 But back to the point, as I still am feeling icky and feel the need for something pretty drastic, as such this little redhead will be detoxing. Now for most this involves doing something with rosehips and generally not getting the nutrition needed. I on the other hand will do somewhat of the reverse, for the next week, Sat – Friday I will eat my veg, fruit and small portions or protein. I will not fry or use large amounts of butter or oils etc, seasoning will be herb and spices and there will be much soup involved. I’m going carb free, (that being said there is a party tonight so I will have two G+Ts but that is all).

 This food will not be flavourless mush, I  know that it is tempting to read that into this but I am very enthusiastic about what I can cook given the constraints of my diet.

I will post recipes and methods of cooking throughout the week ending with my blissful flight across the Rockies and into Zachary’s waiting arms. Once in Vancouver I have a feeling that my eating habits might change. We’ll see how that goes.

 Wish me luck!




Something for you to consider

Everyone likes a challenge!

 Why not try this one? David Suzuki is in the view of MANY scientists, a hack. While this may or may not be true I do believe in the necessity of what he does (I was forced into this as a young child and frankly I don’t think I’m all that worse off for it). Regardless, it is worth taking a look at, we all have our environmental vices, but, I think frankly it’s much more important to do SOMETHING rather than nothing. (this has been written in my plush corporate office at a multinational oil company = vice, taking the bus to and from work every day = good, walking as many places as possible = good, flying to vancouver = vice, recycling and reusing everything I see fit = good, publishing this note on my blog = good).

 At the very least I’m trying to break even


Visit the David Suzuki Foundation



 Do I REALLY need to excuse myself? It was the summer, I’m on holidays and I really honestly and truely cannot blame work for a change, laziness is possibly the culprit, combined with my jet set life style (multiple trips to Vancouver makes me jet set, I swear). However the weather here in Cow-town has really started to turn. The crab apples on the trees behind my house have turned a fantastic shade of red and walking to the bus in the morning now requires a coat and scarf.

 Zac and I have been putzing around Vancouver a bit, we’ve had a bit of a difficult time being apart, but, we’re absolutely and over the top excited about him getting his new condo (which is lovely i might add). We have also eaten at some incredibly gorgeous restaurants which I have started the writing process on. I am incredibly jealous of Zac’s lifestyle but hopefully things will work out and I’ll be able to visit him more often than not.

So yes, you will get some blogging. I’m getting myself back into writing, slowly but surely.

Zac’s moving to VAN!!!

Yay for him!

I will miss him very very much but I know that his new job is going to be FANTASTIC! Horray for the Pinatas, here’s hoping Zac helps them reach their peak candiosity ASAP!

 I have four reviews etc on the go and I will post them soon but in the mean time to keep you lot occupied I’m including some sexy Vancouver Aquarium goodness.

Beluga Cam

Otter Cam < — This is CUTE very very CUTE!

Be happy and think of the west coast!



Aida’s on 4th St.

Before I left for Maine a couple weeks ago Zac and I decided it was time to celebrate an anniversary and have a nice day of relaxation, entertainment and food.

We both agreed that it was time to try Aida’s on 4th street. I personally was looking to beat my previous bad experiences with the restaurants on the Street and as Aida’s has been so highly praised by friends and the people on Chowhound I decided it had to be the restaurant to break the curse!

After a mix up with the booking, ie both of us making two reservations for exactly the same time on exactly the same day (hmm can you tell we were eager?). We were set and the day of we took in a movie and the strolled down the street on this very sunny (yet windy) day. We were starving, but it was alright as the meal was fantastic.

The decor of the place was a little sparse and though they are trying to go with a Lebanese, North African theme it doesn’t quite work. I do love the ceiling though as they have one of those fantastic old tin ceilings which are really pretty.

We came in just before a gigantic group was seated, we could tell it was someone’s birthday so we made a point of trying to get our orders in before the mad rush that the group of 30 or so people was going to create in the kitchen. We opted for four dips with pita bread as a starter and these were very tasty, hummus, a zesty roasted red pepper dip, tzatziki type of dip and another dip that had the same texture as the hummus but with significantly more kick. It was VERY tasty and I loved it. I would have preferred that they serve fresh homemade pitas, but then I’m sure there wouldn’t be any free refills and that would have sucked!

We both ordered significantly different mains, I chose a grilled chicken breast with vegetables and rice and Zachary had the meatballs in a pomegrante sauce with couscous. These again were very tasty and the portions were huge. I couldn’t finish my chicken so it ended up being my lunch at work the next day. It was superbly spiced with lemon, thyme and garlic and was incredibly moist and flavourful. Unfortunately there was confusion in the kitchen and instead of couscous Zac’s meatballs in pomegranate sauce was accompanied by rice. He didn’t complain and I’d like to think this mix up was solely because of the large group that had come in a bit later than us and who’s meals were starting to arrive (the wait staff seemed incredibly stressed).

For dessert we had sweet Turkish coffees with this gorgeous caramelly tiramisu. If I had been clever I would have remembered to keep the name of it but at that point I was in a sugar and carb induced daze and as such it will remain that incredibly tasty dessert that we had at Aida’s until I go back and prod the waiters for some idea of what they put in it!

The food was inexpensive and fantastic quality. I was quite happy with this experience and it seems like the third time’s the charm with my disappointing experiences on 4th!

2208 4th St SW
Calgary, AB T2S 1W9

Capo (Italian at it’s height in Calgary)

About a month ago a couple of the ladies at work took me out for Lunch for Administrative Professional’s day to this lovely restaurant .

The reviews and ratings I have read of Capo in Inglewood have raved about the flavours that Guiseppi Di Gennaro has been putting together after leaving Il Songo and starting his own restaurant. Not to mention the pasta, this is THE restaurant to go to in Calgary at the moment and I feel very lucky that the ladies chose it!

Walking into Capo was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had with my work. There were two waiters prepared to take our coats as they ushered us to our booth. The seats we had were fantastic in a large booth which allowed you to see the entire restaurant. The ambiance was that of a classy cool with large white globe lights coming from the ceiling with muted beiges and rich dark browns being the key colours of the décor.

We ordered, opting to skip the appetizer (we were running late) and go straight to the main course. The ladies I was with both chose the tasting plate which provided three individual dishes for them to try. I on the other hand chose the Cioppino as I was in a mood for lots of zeasty seafood.

When our plates arrived one of my coworkers looked slightly disappointed, the portions were small. For me this was perfect but I could tell that one, a mother to be had been hoping for a larger portion to fill her and her growing baby up. I have always found that when the portions are small the flavours tend to be fantastic and in this respect I was not disappointed. The Cioppino was exactly what I wanted spicy and zesty with lots of saffron. The fish was beautifully cooked and was accompanied by a nice small pot of mixed vegetables. The tasting plate was also fantastic from what I can tell, including a beautiful cherry tomato salad, veal scaloppini and a penne in what looked to be a tomato sauce. The ladies loved it and there were no complaints!

Since our meal was so small we opted for desert, two of us ordered a molten chocolate cake with banana toffee ice-cream and chocolate mousse. This was again, quite small but the flavours were divine. The cake was warm and the mousse was incredibly lovely and creamy.

This was a fantastic thank you and I loved the food that was prepared. I felt completely full after eating at this restaurant. Other people might not have their appetites saited but the food was fantastic and very thoughtfully prepared. I would highly recommend this restaurant but beware of the prices it is definitely in the upper scale range and while that is good for an oil company to pay for, I know personally it would have to be a very special occasion for me to book a table here. (I would LOVE to do the chef’s table though as it looks fantastic and could be a lot of fun!)
Capo Restaurant

#4, 1420 – 9th Ave SE

Calgary AB T2G 0T5

Whats the Fuzz? (a review of the film Hot Fuzz)

Well let me tell you! A new film from the lovely boys who did Shaun of the Dead worth a lookie loo? OF COURSE!

Last week we went to see this lovely parody and let me tell you, it was VERY much worth it. Absolutely completely and utterly hilarious. This film is a well thought out and witty parody of cop movies, like Bad Boyz and it lived up to my lofty Shawn of the Dead expectations.

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is reassigned from the rough streets of London to the small English country village of Sandford Gloustershire where he meets his partner in fighting crime PC Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). He quickly sets to work making sure the long arm of the law reaches even the grittiest villains in the village, from the under age kids in the pub to a swan on the loose, no job is too tough for the duo. But not everything is cakes and tea in this village and the two begin to follow a foul trail of grisly (and graphic) murders to the darkness that lies at the heart of the idyllic village.

Like Shawn of the Dead the wit in this film is razor sharp and the laughs don’t stop. Edgar Wright has once again created a film of comedic harmony with silly moments that make you laugh with glee to smart and witty comments that make you grin. This film is incredibly entertaining and definitely worth the 12 dollars to get in.

Unlike Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is lacking a strong story to bring it together, however the jokes are hilarious and watching Simon Pegg and Nick Frost chasing a swan is incredibly funny. Then again, when one parodies such an incredibly plot-less genre of films it may be necessary to create an equally inept storyline. If that was the intent, then Hot Fuzz delivers.

The acting is of course sublime, beyond the fantastic chemistry of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg the film rolls out some fantastic British actors. Bill Nighy is a favorite for me and I just love the fact that he is in this film, but cameos by Bill Bailey (fantastic British Comic – check out Part Troll – hokey cokey on You Tube), Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge, to name one of many), Timothy Dalton (Bond, From Russia with Love) and Martin Freeman (the British version of The Office, he’s a cutie pie) just increase the laughs.

So all in all, it’s very fantastic and I think you all should go see this it’s very funny and very light, simple and a great and you get to see Simon Pegg without a beard and it’s cute.

Fiasco Gellato – Taste Test #2

You must when going to Fiasco have some of the Illy coffee, it is super tasty and really worth the trip.  

 Now onto the ice-cream.

 Yesterday we met Nathan at Fiasco because we figured with the sunny weather we were due some ice-cream and people watching.

 We had some fun trying a few new flavours.

 Lauren – Peanut Butter – YUMMY this was very creamy and rich with little bits of peanut butter in the mix, it was very good but a little bit sweet. Still tasty I woudl recommend it.

 Zac – Grapefruit Sorbetto- Zac has a soft spot for grapefruit and so ordered this, I liked it alot but there was a VERY strange aftertaste, this could be down to two different things. 1, I had just had the peanut butter and obviously those don’t mix so well, or there was pith in the sorbetto, still it REALLY did taste like Grapefruit and Zac really enjoyed it.

Nathan – Raspberry – tasted like Raspberry! I was not at all surprised… Raspberry is one of those flavours that is always just tasty.

 So more yummy Fiasco Gellato! I’m going to try to get some of the pics from Nath as it was a gloriously sunny day and they need to be published. (plus he’s like a fancy photographer, so WHY NOT!?!?)

Dear * You are a loser

Really I’m not kidding, you lost out big time and in a big way.

I have never said anything mean or horrible to you in anyway since we last spoke on the phone, I have dealt with my pain as privately as possible and few people really understand exactly how much this situation has hurt me, I have lost someone who was very dear to me, and who I care about a great deal. I was worried about you, but I knew that the decision I had made was the best for both of us. Neither of us wanted to continue with things and it was obvious that you weren’t too enthralled with coming here to be with me.

I broke it off and my timing wasn’t great, for that I apologised, but your immature and youthful jabbing emails are unecessary and incredibly unfair. You have developed a culture of hate and despair around what was at one point a happy relationship. My idea of who you are have completely changed and you are no longer what you used to be in my eyes. I suppose though, that this transformation has made the finality and correctness of my decision that much more certain.

Fact of the matter is, I’m very much done with you and I’m very sorry for that as I thought you were someone who would be a constant and not become a horrible and threatening person.

For the first time in my life I’m with someone who satisfies me in possibly EVERY single way. They don’t make excuses for not trying and they have the guts and balls to go after what they want. These are attributes I respect in a man and for once in my life I feel as though I am with an equal and not someone who I have to contantly support emotionally. I’m with someone who recognizes that the next few years of my family life aren’t going to be easy, someone who may not understand but is willing to give me a break when I break down because of the problems we’re having, you couldn’t bother and would be angry with me when I called because I needed to talk.

 YOU have made me out to be this ridiculously evil figure and I cannot believe that you could act that way. You’re ridiculous and such a fool.

 As Always,


 PS – I know you’ll never read this, but my god it felt so good to write (sorry to everyone else, but I’m fed up with being painted in such a horrible light).

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